We’ve launched a podcast!

Culture Now is a community of mid-career museum professionals who want to challenge established thinking and provide platforms for discussion and debate on the major museum issues of the day.

The podcast is full of shared experiences and questions and is for anyone who feels ’emerged’ in their career but not quite ready for that Director of the British Museum job just yet.

Third Episode – An Introduction to Governance

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In this episode, Culture Now are joined by special guests Mairead O’Rourke and Katie Smith. Both are independent governance consultants and both have experience working in museums and as trustees.

They bring their varied perspectives to the podcast to explore what actually is governance, why should we care about it and how does it effect the museum sector?

This is an important topic which effects all museum staff and volunteers and most importantly the experience we deliver for our audiences. So have a listen and let us know your thoughts! You can contact our guests on twitter @MaireadO and @KatieSmith138

Want to know more? Here are some useful resources and links mentioned by our wonderful guests:

An Introduction to Governance – Useful Information by Mairead O’Rourke

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need – really is a corker and worth checking out!

Charity Governance Code

Association of Independent Museums – Golden Rules for Good Governance

Have we fired up your desire to become a museum trustee? Take a look at what’s currently being advertised on AIM’s Trustee Vacancies.

Second Episode – Flexible Working

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In this episode, Culture Now are joined by special guests Liz Johnson and Zara Matthews to explore the issues around flexible working.

Some of the questions they tackle include, who should be allowed to flexibly work, can it work in an operational setting and what are the wider benefits to the museums sector?

Want to learn more about the subject? Check out:

Continue the debate with  and @lizmuseums  on Twitter

First Episode – What is a mid-career museum professional anyway?

In this first episode co-hosts Sarah and Simon explore what it actually means to be a mid-career museum professional and share what they believe are some of the main issues which go with that badge.

You can download the podcast through spotify, itunes and all podcasting apps or you can simply click the link below to listen:

LISTEN NOW: Culture Now – What is a mid-career museum professional anyway? By Sarah Hartshorne and Simon Brown.

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