Culture Now is a network that aims to give a voice to early and mid-level professionals in the cultural sector, who wish to challenge established thinking and make a change.

Culture Now was established in late 2016 with the ambition of providing a national network to support those new to the sector through to mid-level professionals, to exchange ideas and develop strong professional connections across the country, whether remotely or in person.

We believe that many early to mid-level professionals currently have limited opportunities to influence change and comment on the issues that affect us all. To overcome this, we want to work collaboratively across the cultural sector to provide a platform to represent, articulate and promote the views and ideas of early to mid-level professionals while supporting and sharing professional development and networking.

Culture Now is still very much in its formative stages and we would welcome the ideas of everyone that may want to get involved. If you are interested in contributing then you can either follow us on Twitter @_CultureNow or email us at